July 17, 20224.88 min read#experience

How to ask for programming help

Most beginners don't know how to ask for help regarding programming issues. This blog covers what not to do, and how to get help on the internet. If i send this to you, it's probably because you didn't ask for help properly.

June 17, 20220.385 min read#golang

A whole new developer ecosystem - Cakecutter

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog Introducing Cakecutter, which was, essentially, a modular version for create-python-project. Both of these projects were very easy, because they were just simple projects for me to practice the Rust programming language. I made them and forgot about it. But little did I know, small projects go a long way.

May 20, 20220.345 min read#twitter#showdev

How I (organically) grew a Twitter bot account from 0 to 750 followers in 20 days.

On 28th April, I published this blog, challenging myself to grow a twitter bot account to 1000 followers in 100 days. Well, I HUGELY underestimated the possibilities. I managed to get to 750 (1000) followers in just 21 days!

May 20, 20220.155 min read#nodejs#npm

How to send command line arguments to NPM script?

This is my first post on Educative.io's "Edpresso"

May 15, 20221.04 min read#python#showdev

I was tired of making banners for my blogs, so I automated it

I'm a very lazy person, and always procrastinate on the smallest of things - opening the image editor, and making a good blog banner would always be the "extra" thing I had to do every time I wrote something. So, I made a script that generates them for me in milliseconds!

May 11, 20220.265 min read#hackathon

Introducing Audium - A "Micro-Podcast" social web app

Short content is blowing up nowadays, with the rise of social media that provide short-form content and popular websites making a shift from long to short, it's time to make short podcasts.

May 09, 20225.155 min read#javascript#react

Create the fastest search for your website in minutes, without any dependencies

In the world of algolia, Typesense and what not, I chose the simplest and fastest way. How I made the search feature for this blog

May 09, 20224.33 min read#now


What's going on now - May 2022

May 07, 20223 min read#newsletter

Never take Video recording for tutorials [Newsletter]

Often times, I found myself in situations where I had to show someone how to use a particular thing - like the one time i had to show my cousin how to create a github account and then, create a repository. I had to set up a zoom call, show them step-by-step. It was a very time consuming experience.

May 06, 20220.305 min read#twitter#bot

This website doesn't have an API, so I remade the entire website, and made a Twitter bot.

The poet this twitter bot i had earlier, had several issues, like being too expensive to host, and not being able to use reliably. It was time to change this.

May 02, 20222 min read

Wow, Tech! Never Search for Image resizer online again [Newsletter]

So months ago, I found this really cool extension that does every small thing I need but had to search up… Like “PNG to JPEG converter”, etc. This little website - with an easy enough name to remember - comes in handy for those times.

April 26, 20221 min read#showdev#python

I created a Twitter bot to take screenshots of tweets

Often times, after seeing a tweet, I go to https://poet.so to take a screenshot of it. However, this was kinda time consuming and stuff like that, but poet.so doesnt even have an API, so I create a selenium script that (very quickly) uses poet.so to take screenshots of a tweet.

April 19, 202210 min read#experience#casual

Github student benefits and the 15 rejections i faced to get 50+ services, for free.

When I got started with programming, everywhere I went, I saw (good), but paid services. I would see them and say to myself “I really want to buy that when I get the money... It will help a lot”... And then, I came to know about Github’s student developer pack. But.... I got rejected... 15 times....

April 15, 20221 min read#python#showdev

Convert any image to tiny, sussy AmongUs Characters ඞඞ

This project is honesty hilarious.

April 11, 20222.7 min read#rust#python#productivity#showdev

Pyre: Making Python development experience, just a little better

I have more than 40 python projects, managing was getting difficult, so I made pyre, a python project management tool.

April 07, 20224.955 min read#tutorial

How did I learn to code?

A very common question for beginners is always, “Where to start” and “How are you a self-taught developer at 16 years old”. I got the same question for the third time a week, and all beginners go through this.

April 06, 20224.23 min read#tutorial#python

APIs: Explained to a 5 year old (not what you think!)

When thinking of APIs, most people think of REST apis (web APIs). Well, APIs are much more than that - In this blog, I’ll explain what exactly APIs are, and we’ll also make a REST API using FastAPI (Python) ⚡

March 21, 20221 min read

HackerTab - Everything a DEV needs, in one tab ✨

combines all the important stuff in one tab - trending Github, Dev.to feed, hackernews, product hunt, and (you can turn on) reddit, events, etc.

March 17, 20223 min read#python#tutorial

Write FAST Python using Automatic Memoization ⚡

How to make your python scripts 1000 times faster with one line of code

March 16, 20223 min read#experience

How I got 100 followers on dev.to in 10 days, and why YOU should start blogging now.

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS. Its the most number of followers I have on ANY platform - 61 on twitter, 30 on Github

March 14, 20223 min read#docker#tutorial

Docker- Explained to a 5 year old. 👶🏻

When I was starting out with docker, everything was really difficult for me to figure out. But dont worry. Im here 😉

March 13, 20221 min read#python#hackathon

Deepsubtitles - Automatically render subtitles on Videos

This is my first hackathon submission. It was for the Dev x Deepgram Hackathon and I learnt a lot about video editing with python and moviepy.

March 11, 202210 min read#python

Rickroll your friends with Python🐍

Yesterday, I came across a cute cat video on discord. Bored, I thought it would be really funny if I made this into a rickroll video and forward it to my friends 😂

March 10, 20223.48 min read#twitter#python

Making an auto-updating Twitter banner in Python

I used to use blackmagic.so banner updater, but thats boring. So I made my own.

March 09, 20223 min read#rust

Introducing Cakecutter🍰

Start projects quickly from Cakes (templates)

March 08, 20221 min read#rust

Send emails right from the terminal using Rust! 🦀⚡

i just uploaded this to dev.to to gain more users and feedback

March 07, 20221 min read#rust#showdev

create-react-app but for Python 🐍⚡

i just uploaded this to dev.to to gain more users and feedback

March 06, 20221 min read#rust

Create README files for your project in 30 seconds ⚡

i just uploaded this to dev.to to gain more users and feedback

March 05, 20228 min read#rust

Making a README generator in Rust

Practicing my Rust skills by making a real-world project thats actually useful for me!

March 03, 20224.75 min read#terminal#rust

QR code CLI - more params, optimizing, publishing

Completing the CLI with more args and publishing it to cargo!

March 02, 20225.5 min read#terminal#rust

Creating a QR Code CLI with Rust

Join me on my journey of learning to make a CLI and make API requests in Rust

March 01, 20222.285 min read#newsletter

Revue by twitter is cool

How I set up a newsletter using Revue, and why I love it

February 26, 20220.74 min read#terminal

How to add autocomplete to PowerShell in 2 steps

Add autocomplete to Windows PowerShell in 2 easy steps

February 25, 20225.78 min read#blog#rust

Why I’m learning Rust (and you should too)

My thoughts on Rust, learning Rust part 1

February 24, 20221.695 min read

How to Supercharge your terminal with starship🚀

How I customized my terminal to look really good using Starship, Powershell and Nerd Fonts

February 18, 20226.235 min read#python

Making the Conway's game of life in python

Join me as I attempt to make a simple implementation of Conway's Game of Life in python.

February 16, 20221.66 min read#web

Is this the future of the web? 🔥

While browsing through the news, I saw an interesting company trying to make "universal emoji username, website URL, payment address, and more".

January 12, 20228 min read#Spacebot

Rewriting Spacebot - Part 1

How I decide features and tech stack

November 30, 18990.205 min read#previously


What I've been doing before