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February 16, 20221.66 min read

Is this the future of the web? 🔥

The internet has accepted http and https as the standard for web pages, and even though web is growing in popularity, there haven’t been any major innovations in the “URL” side of things.

Here comes y.at

y.at is a website that lets you buy emoji usernames, website URLs, payment addresses.

Y.at screenshot

Ehhh, I don’t think this will work, for a number of reasons I’ve listed below

The idea:

Users buy emojis, and people visit the web addresses (that is actually just emojis). Currently, the URLs start with https://y.at/, followed by emojis.

But, Opera browser has partnered with y.at so now users can just type the emojis to visit the website. Type 👽🎵 and you’ll be redirected to Lil Wayne’s website, many notable celebrities have bought this too.

pretty cool, but… why?

Is this gonna blast?

no. Here are the reasons I don’t think this will be the “next big web thing”, even though the idea is pretty cool, and innovative.

  • Who remembers Emoji combinations? : If I buy a 💩👽💀💀, how do I make people remember the exact combination to my website? I mean, dhravya.me is so much more memorable, right?
  • Infrastructure: If we really want to make this work, every browser will need to support it, or y.at has to think of an even shorter extension than https://y.at/ (instead of https://)
  • The modern internet, doesn’t like emojis anymore: I mean, look at discord and reddit, where emojis are often hated by the users, and custom emojis are preferred (most of which are young people, like me).

But maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong, and this is gonna be the next big thing in tech, and I’m gonna be able to type emojis to visit websites.

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